A Year On: What Have I Learned

Wow, it is hard to believe just over a year has gone since our very first COVID-19 lockdown.

Over the year, we all had to adjust and do many things differently. It has been a difficult time for me, because I do get anxious very easily, but I did learn some things.

First thing I learnt is to adapt to change very quickly. I and many others with CHARGE syndrome need a routine. I think this has to do with being deafblind. During the worst of the pandemic, things could change every hour. It was hard, but I read and learned as much as I could about the virus and this helped. With this also came being patient. Some times people knew just as much as I did so I needed to wait.

I also learned to appreciate the little things more. I have always done this, but when you are only allowed to go on outings to outside places, some would be the same, so I would find one new thing and take a photo then I would edit it at lifeskills.

I also realised that there is always another way to do things and I learned these ways quickly.

I believe COVID-19 has helped me to improve slightly as a person, but only with the help of my family, friends and support workers. These people supported me to be a better person and I love them all.

2 thoughts on “A Year On: What Have I Learned

  1. These are all such great lessons! I think I also learned these lessons a little more, especially adapting to change quickly. I’m a planner and like to know my schedule, but Covid taught me how to quickly pivot from what was planned.


  2. God bless you Ellen! It certainly has been a very difficult time for most. Thank you for helping me to see a different perspective 🤗


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