Genes for jeans day

Last Friday was jeans for genes day. I actually have a genetic disorder. CHARGE syndrome is partly a genetic disorder as in there is a gene but not everyone will have the gene

It is very complex but it isn’t hereditary and is like a pot luck kind of thing. It can also be diagnose clinically. I am clinically diagnosed as there was no gene when I was born.

Over the years as more has been discovered they have changed the way they diagnose it but basically you need to have at least half of the features

I find awareness is a wonderful thing for many different things. The more we learn the more we understand.

Life updates

I thought I would give a life update. I am still doing really well with my health. I did have a couple of winter cold things but I have managed to stay fairly good. I even put on a bit of weight.

I am also back to normal with my daily activities after two years of COVID madness. I am very happy with how things are and am happy. My anxiety and other things are less to.