Last week I had my Covid shot. The vaccine was ok but I had very sore legs the next day. This is normal.

I also saw my tummy doctor who wants to do an endoscopy when they change my tube. She says right now it is about monitoring and management. My pain specialist was happy with me and said I only need to see him as needed.

Lately I’ve had some problems with my vision getting worse. I have been having trouble recognising faces and places. My depth perception has also gone off. Yesterday I went to my eye doctor. My vision is the same but my cateract in my left eye has grown a bit while the one in the right eye is at the bottom of the lens and is ok. I need to go back in a year so they can monitor it.

Tomorrow I have my regular hearing test that I think will go well. My hearing is pretty stable these days but we still like to watch it.

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