Things to do in a lock down

I believe it is inevitable a full lock down will happen within the next week. Many have started self isolation and most places are closed. So I thought I would post a list of positive things to do in this time. Worry and anxiety can make you sick, so let us be there for each other and do some of these things.

First try to stay away from the news. It is important to keep updated, but try not to glue yourself to it.

Try a virtual tour. Here’s a list on this link Tour these on google earth

If you’re on Facebook or instagram, post happy positive posts for all to see. Reach out, see how family, friends and neighbours are doing, Do some craft like knitting or painting. If it is sunny, sit out in the garden. Listen to music, surf the web, excersise, catch up with old friends online or on the phone, find what people need and send it to them, don’t hoard, share. There are many things we can do.

Basically just do all the things you enjoy doing but stay home as much as you can. Don’t go out unless absolutely needed. And remember some people have weaker immune systems, so protect everyone and it will be over quicker. Enjoy time together and don’t take life for granted. This is what I hope this will teach everyone.

The impending virus

Right now most of the world is in lock down from the Corona virus. A lot of the things we are being told to do is stuff we should all do anyway.

They say older people and people with compromised immune systems are the most at risk. This is sending lots of people into total panic and tensions are high.

For someone with OCD and anxiety mixed with CHARGE syndrome it can be hard. I know I need to be careful but then my OCD gets in the way and i want to hug my mum or my friends. I also find when I can’t do something I seem to do it more for example touching my face.

There is a lot of events being canceled, people are being urged to not travel and to stay home if sick. While I agree with all this people should really do this all the time not just when there is a pandemic. People need to think of others more and protect everyone around them.

If we all do our bit to protect ourselves and those around us we will all be better for it.


There has been a lot of research into the autonomic nervous system. It is something not much is known about but they are starting to think it plays a roll in my tummy problems.

Last week I ended up in hospital with my tummy pain and needed fluids by a drip. I am now only able to handle 100 mils per hour in my pump and no food orally.

This is becoming very common in CHARGE and more research is needed to better understand what to do and why it happens. Other things that can happen are drops in blood sugar and blood pressure. At home we don’t take any notice as I am ok but in hospital they check everything and want to fix.

I see my dr in two weeks and hopefully she will have ideas.