Finding workers

Since COVID I find one of the hardest things is finding workers to support me with different activities.

I am lucky at Lifeskills I have a great team of support workers who are like family to me. I also have a beautiful lady who takes me out on Saturdays.

I have a wonderful afternoon lady who helps me every afternoon and can take me out at other times when needed. The problem is that when I want to do a particular thing with friends I can usually can only ask those workers as I am not allowed to use my lifeskills workers. Northcott will look for others but COVID has made that part hard because there is a shortage of workers.

My afternoon carer is through hire up and mum just books the hours we want. The annoying thing is that if they can’t mum has to do it. I love mum but I also think she deserves a break.

Living life with covid around

COVID has been in Australia for 2 years. For two years the numbers have gone up and down. Just now we are starting to get back to normal.

It is a great feeling to see people out and about living life as normal and we have to live life but we also need to be careful.

There are still people that are at risk so I think if we are sensible we can continue this way. It has been a hard two years for many but we have come out the other side and continue to do so. This makes me very happy

Phrases i hate

I am sure many people with disabilities has phrases they hate or can’t stand. Here is a list of mine.

First not to offend anyone, I respect all beliefs religious or other wise but it can be annoying when people say i I pray God will make you better or something similar. It is ok if I am sick but if someone prays for my deafness to go away or my tube to get better that can sometimes upset me because I would love to be able to eat, hear and even see normally.

It’s frustrating when people say something with pity like saying they are sorry. I love the kindness but it isn’t their fault that I am the way I am.

I also hate when people usually medical professionals ask where my mum is. I am 36 and thoughI am deaf I do understand what is being said. Yes I need and want her for somethings but if it is how much I eat I can tell you that.

Covid and supply shortages

I am afraid COVID may of made a supply shortage with my formular. We order 6 boxes about every six weeks but yesterday they only sent 4 boxes.

With Covid-19’s even though we are out of lockdown and international borders are open there is still a back log of supplies around the world.

If I ran out of formular there is one I could have but if that ran out I think I would need to go to hospital and get some iv nutrition. I hope this won’t happen but it is a real possibility for many like me.