Covid vaccine

Finally the Covid vaccine has hit Australia. I am getting mine on the 13th of April as my Drs feel it will be good for me with my tummy. My gastro dr feels that Covid could impact other organs wich we don’t want. She is also worried about further gut and bowel problems so wants me to have it ASAP.

I feel that it is important for people to make the choice but I do feel that anyone that is at risk should consider it. Vaccines can be a tricky topic to navigate and care needs to be taken when thinking about the best option.

For me I am happy it is out and that it will hopefully give people a bit more freedom. This won’t mean we can stop doing all the hygiene stuff but we will be a bit more free to do more things.

Covid will always be around just like other things are still around but if we can lessen the impact I am happy with that.

I am getting it done at my local GP who is right across from the hospital so can get there easily if anything happens. Hopefully all will be good and we can all relax a bit more.

Please be aware these are just my thoughts. I am not telling anyone to get it.

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