On line charge simposium

This year instead of the normal conference in the USA the CHARGE foundation are going online.

With COVID and travel restrictions in many countries they felt it was easier and safer to do it online.

I like this option because it gives me a chance to see everyone and catch up on latest information with out having to travel with all the COVID things in place.it is going to be fun the time difference will be hard but I am looking forward to it.

Tube change

Last week i had my gj tube changed. The gj tube is a two in one tube where one section goes into the stomach and the other goes in to the jejunum small bowel.

I need this tube because my gut doesn’t function properly. The tube is done under anaesthetic in the X-ray department with imaging.

This time I went in at 7am and was out by 1pm. It went very good and I didn’t even need to stay over night. Now it will stay in for another year.