Last week I had my Covid shot. The vaccine was ok but I had very sore legs the next day. This is normal.

I also saw my tummy doctor who wants to do an endoscopy when they change my tube. She says right now it is about monitoring and management. My pain specialist was happy with me and said I only need to see him as needed.

Lately I’ve had some problems with my vision getting worse. I have been having trouble recognising faces and places. My depth perception has also gone off. Yesterday I went to my eye doctor. My vision is the same but my cateract in my left eye has grown a bit while the one in the right eye is at the bottom of the lens and is ok. I need to go back in a year so they can monitor it.

Tomorrow I have my regular hearing test that I think will go well. My hearing is pretty stable these days but we still like to watch it.

A Year On: What Have I Learned

Wow, it is hard to believe just over a year has gone since our very first COVID-19 lockdown.

Over the year, we all had to adjust and do many things differently. It has been a difficult time for me, because I do get anxious very easily, but I did learn some things.

First thing I learnt is to adapt to change very quickly. I and many others with CHARGE syndrome need a routine. I think this has to do with being deafblind. During the worst of the pandemic, things could change every hour. It was hard, but I read and learned as much as I could about the virus and this helped. With this also came being patient. Some times people knew just as much as I did so I needed to wait.

I also learned to appreciate the little things more. I have always done this, but when you are only allowed to go on outings to outside places, some would be the same, so I would find one new thing and take a photo then I would edit it at lifeskills.

I also realised that there is always another way to do things and I learned these ways quickly.

I believe COVID-19 has helped me to improve slightly as a person, but only with the help of my family, friends and support workers. These people supported me to be a better person and I love them all.