Coping withPeople’s reactions to me

As a disabled person I find I get many reactions to me as I am. Some people come from a part of the world where disabilities aren’t common.

I don’t mind people asking questions. I find it brings awareness and informs them.

When people stare I like to smile and make a comment about the day or if it’s in a shop I will comment about what we are looking at. I feel it shows people I’m human too. I try not to take things to personally but sometimes it happens.

Just a general update

It has been a while since I’ve done a general update.

I am doing ok. We never got any answers to my tummy pains but I did have a dilation of my oesophegas wich helped. They think it is muscles spasms with some nerve involvement.

My hearing has been stable for over a year with a slight drop last week. We are waiting on coclear implants as I have inner ear anomalies.

Everything else is going along well.