My dream house

My dream house would be on the water. There would be a beautiful beach with a rock pool filled with the water from the oceans waves. The beach would have a wheelchair path so people in chairs and people with limited mobility could get right up to the waters edge. The pool would have a ramp and a hoist, there would also be a beach chair for people who need ot.

The area would be surrounded by mountains, gardens and woods. There would be shops near by and a big screen cinema. All the paths would be fully accessible and if there were stairs they would be nice and easy to use. The area would also have all the necessary things as well.

The house would have a beautiful garden with raised beds and it would be filled with loths of flowers, trees , fruits and vegetables. It would have lots of seating areas to relax and enjoy the view. The house would be a big spacious house with one level. It would have five bedrooms. Each bedroom would have a height adjustable bed where the feet, Head and height can be raised and lowered for each persons needs. There would be a track for a ceiling hoist if needed and each room would look out to the ocean. There would be built in wardrobs and a space for a computer if wanted.

There would be two bathrooms. Each would have a walk in shower with a handheld shower head and a spa bath that reclines back. Their would be a ceiling hoist to for anyone that needed. The sink would be height adjustable and taps you can turn on and off with elbows.

The lounge room would be a nice big room with bookshelves, a big screen tv and big comfy chairs. The windows would look out over the garden and the beach. The room would have an air conditioner that would cool and heat the whole house.

The dining area would have a nice table where games can be played on to. The kitchen would have height adjustable benches. The draws and cupboards would be at an easy to reach height and easy to open. The fridge and freezer would be opened with a wide handle.

The Laundry would have a front loader washing machine and dryer at an easy to access height and it would also have a shelf for for the cleaning supplies.

I would live with two or three friends. The carer would get their own room and we would have a spare room for visitors. The carers would be people we choose and like but new carers will come and go to. We would have a big wheelchair van but also use public transport there will be free wifi and we will have friends over all the time. Our neighbours would be lovely kind caring people and will help all the time.


A few weeks ago my drs started changing my medicine to hopefully improve my pain as well as my OCD and anxiety. During this time I had to be weened off the old medicine and onto the new one. I have been finding it hard to cope with my increasing anxiety and OCDS.

It can be hard to control but relising the problem is a good start. To cope I try to focus on other things and take my mind off what ever i might be anxious about. The calm app on my phone has a series of meditation and relaxation excersises I can listen to for a few minutes at a time which really helps. I also try to reduce screen time and do things like reading or sit in the sun.

For me OCD can be many things such as fixating on a person or object and wanting to know where it has gone, why it went there and what are they doing? If someone isn’t talking to me such as mum I will obsess about all the reasons she might not answer. I also chew my self, pick or pop my pimples or marks excessively and want people’s attention.

This is all a part of CHARGE syndrome. When I am in a bad phrase I get frustrated with my self and wish I wasn’t this way. Having these problems is hard for me and those around me and I often wonder how people put up with me. I also then focus on the good and positive things and work hard to be a better person

I have been good before and i know I can do it again. I just need to work hard and remember no one is perfect and it takes time