CHARGE vision and hearing

1I am classified as deafblind. I have both a sensorineural and conductive hearing loss wich means if I dont wear hearing aids I am almost totally deaf. My semi circular canals the part that helps you balance are missing. My vestibular system is also out of whack.

I have bilateral optic nerve colabomas, One eye is slightly smaller than the other. I have a mild cataract and could one day get glaucoma if not careful. I need things to be close up to read. This means at lifeskills you will often see me leaning on a tray to read a communication board. I sometimes lean over on things to keep my self secure when concentrating. I touch things so I know where they are. Even though I can see where things are I need to feel around me to make sure i wont fall over.Also I need people to speak louder around me.

In CHARGE it is common to have these features and often we have to adapt different ways to do things. I often lean heavily on things and squeeze someone or something tight. This helps me to stay balanced.

Being positive

I have always had a very positive out look on life. To me there is a side to everything. I think with I have been through I feel it is either be positive or you can wallow in pity.

To stay positives can be hard at times. To keep my self happy and take my mind off things. I find being in the gardens or by the water helps me to relax. I like to try and find one new thing to look at that isnt on a computer screen every day. I also like to surround my self with people that make me feel good about myself.


I feel sometimes on facebook we add someone just for the sake of it. I know I have done it my self. We add for a game, people add for bussiness game or support with different things. That is great but I have noticed people add then dont talk. You then look at their page and see they havent been around for years. This makes me think people need to remember to take time to check on all our friends and family no matter what. Send a message. Write on the wall let them know you are thinking of them.

My favourite summer activities

Summer is on the way. Warmer longer days. I struggle with the heat so ome thing I love is a swim is a lovely relaxing swim in a pool. Swimming makes me feel relaxed and helps me to keep up my strength.

I also love going to the beach. Listening to the waves is very calming and peaceful.

I like going to the gardens and seeing the flowers out with all the prety colours.