Medicine changes and its effects

About 2 months ago I went to the pain Dr who decided I needed a new medicine that would help every thing. it was poorly managed and did not help at all.

The Dr said that my pain is probably to do with the nerves in my tummy and bowels not communicating with my brain and the fact I have had so many surgeries. Motility and my long narrow stomachache plays a role to. To help he decided to try a med that could help but at the same time help my anxiety and ocd. After weaning off the old medicine we waited for the new one to take effect.

After about two weeks I was getting worse and worse, Not only was the pain not getting better but my moods were going out the window and so was my anxiety. I ended up in hospital after a very bad day where my main Dr wanted to put my old medicine back but pain Dr just upped the other one. The gastro Drs put in a new form of tube wich seems to be helping the reflux.

Last week I went back to my pain Dr who saw I really needed the old medicine and has agreed to put me on it and take other away. I am weaning back on to the new one and it is slowly starting to work but I am still very anxious and moody. I am also very paranoid and just can’t cope. On Thursday I am going to start neuro feedback again to hopefully help me get my head back into a better state.

I feel no one except the gastro Drs and the lady who does the therapy have listened to me or mum. The pain doctor looked after me 20 years ago and may of forgotten just how bad I can get.

I think when trying new things people need to monitor closely but I can understand with the uncertainty around COVID that can be hard as everyone wants to be seen at once before the likely event of another lockdown. Hopefully i will be feeling much better in a few weeks because I know I am very hard to put up with just now.

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