Friends and having a disability

Lots of disabled people have trouble making and keeping friends. The reasons can be numerous.

For me i have many friends some who are closer than others but the hardest part is a lot live far away and rely on others to be free for me to see them. So some people I can only see if their mum or a carer a free to help them.

One of the best ways to keep in contact is by using messenger or Facebook. While I can type some people require someone else to type for them. Because I am deaf talking on the phone can be hard. I do like messenger video calling and texting.

When I was little my friends were the people who looked after me in hospital and were older than me. Now days there is a mix of different people. Some i talk to often others not so much.

I find people including me call people friends when really they are aquantances. This mostly happens with Facebook and instagram. People just add for the sake of it. On my Facebook and instagram I have my CHARGE people many of whom I consider good friends. Then I have on Facebook my friends through my game of farm town. Some are very good friends and others are people I just have for the game. The rest are old school friends family and people from lifeskills and work. Some of these are definitely closer than others. Instagram is a bit similar but I have other people with other disabilities that I find through my CHARGE people or tags. Also I follow things I like on there like the gardening Australia page. I often will clean out my lists and keep those I feel a connection to and talk to often.

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