Staying safe in uncertain times

Australia is in the middle of a second wave of COVID with most of the cases in Victoria. In my state and area we are getting daily cases and watching closely.

Last week I got a mild cold and had to get tested. There was a huge queue to get into the testing clinic but it was a quick test. A long swab goes up the nostrils and into throat and it can take a day or more for results. I came back negative and couldn’t leave the house till it came back. I would rather stay home than risk getting others really sick.

The thing that gets me is that some people still don’t follow the rules. I get that there are some that are unable to wear a mask but people that can should. You can get nice cloth ones which are nice and snug over the face. Good hygiene helps to.

For me I am in the semi vulnerable category. So while I am mostly healthy Drs believe the virus would mess with my gut and reflux. I am positive I will be ok but want everyone to stay safe.

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