Wheel chairs and walkers

It is time to start looking at getting a new wheelchair as this one is falling apart. I use a chair because i have no sence of balance and get tired easily walking.

I got my first chair at about 6 years old before that I had a stroller. my first chair was bright fluro yellow and i had this till i was 11. Then i got a red chair that worked very well untill I was qbout 23. I then got a chair that broke after 3 months. After this I got my chair I have now. It is purple and green.

I use a walker more now i used to have an old standard blue one wich became hard to use. I then got a bulky silver one which was no good at all. So now i have a small black one that is much lighter and easier to use. To get my walker I had a physiotherapist assessment For my chair I will need an OT report.

We are hoping to get a smart drive which will make it easier for me and others to push me. The drive can attach to the chair but can be easily removed when not needed. I want a blue chair this time and will need a removable headreast as Northcott requires one when travelling in the van.

Hopefully my new chair will give me more independence and I wont have to rely on people to push as much. My vision can make it hard to see where I am going and I get tired when pushing.

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