Finding a good support coordinator

Managing everything on the NDIS can be hard. This is why we opted to use a support coordinator. A support coordinator looks at the plan and over sees how it is all running. They help organise different supports depending on the plan and can provide you with different options to help meet goals.

In 2017 I was given a nice support coordinator through the benevolent society. She was a lovely lady but not very organised. I feel they have to many clients at times and she just left it to mum and my coordinator at lifeskills who is great but she can’t controll everything.

After a year she left and they did not replace her for about 11 months. My plan was over seen by my Northcott EAP and Life skills coordinator with mum. Luckily we didn’t have any problems other than a few budget questions which the Northcott team sorted easily. A few weeks before my last review we got a call from a new lady who we met on the day of my meeting. This poor lady was thrown into the team like 2 hours before and had to learn everything in a short time. She was asked by the NDIA why she had just turned up and she said the company never told her she was needed and we hadn’t chased them up.

This lady left after a few months and last week we got an email from a new lady who seems much better. In a week she has already spoken to my plan manager, Northcott and AFFORD where I work. She wants to follow closely and I am hoping she will help with the house and my new chair.

To me a support coordinator needs to be able to keep in contact with the client and follow the service agreement. It is also up to client , their family or carers to follow things up if they feel they aren’t getting what they signed up for. Even if the worker has left the company would have a manager you can contact to ask where the new person is. Sometimes we need to keep on top of people so we don’t get forgotten about.

When you use multiple services as I and many of my friends do it helps to have someonre there. While for example my Life skills managers can see how much I have with her she doesn’t know about the rest of my plan. So the coordinator is good for that.

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