Learning how to become less obsessive and give people space

Over the years I sometimes can and have been very attached to cetain people to the extent where I sometimes pushed them away. I say it is common in CHARGE syndrome but I feel like it is common in many other disabilities to because we can’t exactly just go and do things without planning.

It has taken me a long time to be better and sometimes I still struggle. But I feel what has helped me is stepping away from things that connect me to people for a bit. One example is people on Facebook or messenger. If I am messaging certain people too much and not giving them time to answer I will put my phone or Ipad down and read, spend time with family and friends or even just relaxing. If I’m obsessing on people at home or even respite and Lifeskills I try to talk to other ppl or go into my room and do something else.

It has taken me a long time to get to this point but I keep trying every day because I value the people I do have in my life, but I also value my own health and happiness. I didn’t get here easy. It took people blocking me, people telling me If I kept it up I wouldn’t be able to be with certain people again and just trying to broaden my networks. Basically that means on fb not talking to the same people all the time or in respite talking to the other clients that come in on the weekend.

I think I will always need to work at it but I feel happy with how far I have come. I have stronger connections, better health and a happier mindset. Some things I like doing on my Ipad that isn’t talking or looking at social media are colouring, playing word games or card games, watching different things and also just reading.

I believe everyone can try some of these things and it will greatly help. People may not always come back but I have learnt the true friends and family always will no matter what.


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