NDIS round three

They say the NDIS gets easier each round. I think this is right but you still have to remember something. One very important thing to remember is prices do go up, so while you think you have enough, and fortunately I do have enough, service providers do need to raise costs to go with the times.

You also need to keep a close watch that you are on the right track before you get to the end of your plan and find there’s heaps left or it is all gone.

For me this is looking like another good year. This year we are concentrating on renovating the house to make it easier for me long term. We are getting a walk in shower so people don’t need to help me out of the bath giving me independence. We are also getting ramps installed for easy access in and out.

I also got lots of respite and some individual respite with a support worker

The meeting was good last year with a very knowledgeable planner and I find that is very helpful in working through what is needed.

The NDIS gets a bad rap at times but it is good when you know how to work with it. I am hoping with each year it will one day become perfect for everyone.

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