Places I would love to see in Australia

Over the last 2 years, no one has been able to travel because of COVID restrictions. Many people stuck to seeing the state and country they live in. As an Australian person, I have a few places I love and a few I would love to see.

I would love to see more of the state I live in. NSW is a lovely place and I would love to explore more of the regional areas especially the south and central West. I have family up on the north coast so always love to visit there.

I would love to see Victoria more. I have been to Melbourne many timesbut would love to see thegreat ocean road and all the other regions.

I would also love to see more of South Australia, especially the part that joins the WA coast. I have some special friends in WA and it would be amazing to visit them.

I love the Gold coast in Queensland and I want to meet my little cousins in Brisbane. I also want to go to the Daintree rainforest. I want to see the Northern Territory and the place where mum was born.

I love Tasmania and I am always happy to go there.

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