Blessed to be me

Last week our PM said he was blessed not to have had any children with a disability. While I am not very religious I and a lot of others actually feel blessed to be the way we are.

Life is hard and unfair sometimes but no one is perfect. I am lucky because I have a wonderful supportive family and some great friends who help me in many ways.

I feel if people say things like that it means they think that people with disabilities are unworthy of living. This is so wrong everyone deserves a chance to live their best life. We are all equal and deserve the best life possible.

I understand not everyone can handle having people with different abilities but I believe that most are great at what they do.

I am happy being me. I am learning every day and am in a great place. I have some amazing friends who have helped me to be a better person. I have a wonderful family who loves me no matterwhat. There isn’t anything I would change except for some of my anxiety and obsessive behaviours.

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