Phrases i hate

I am sure many people with disabilities has phrases they hate or can’t stand. Here is a list of mine.

First not to offend anyone, I respect all beliefs religious or other wise but it can be annoying when people say i I pray God will make you better or something similar. It is ok if I am sick but if someone prays for my deafness to go away or my tube to get better that can sometimes upset me because I would love to be able to eat, hear and even see normally.

It’s frustrating when people say something with pity like saying they are sorry. I love the kindness but it isn’t their fault that I am the way I am.

I also hate when people usually medical professionals ask where my mum is. I am 36 and thoughI am deaf I do understand what is being said. Yes I need and want her for somethings but if it is how much I eat I can tell you that.

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