Lock down and catch up.

Sydney and most of New South Wales went into a 4 month Covid lock down. Unlike last years lockdown this one was harder. Last year some essential services such as disability programmes were allowed to stay open this year everyone had to close.

I was lucky while many respite places closed mine was able to stay open as we share with lifeskills people respite is mostly on the weekends. On the times I did have respite in the week it was with the same people and no new clients coming or going.

I was also able to do Lifeskills online 5 days a week as AFFORD was also closed. I did find i got very depressed and down but having respite and being with my friends there helped me a lot.

I also had my ongoing pain episodes wich also started including some weird things where I would just drop. Many tests were done but COVID made it hard because they couldn’t scope me. I ended up having emergency surgery about a month ago where they repaired my hiatus hernia and had to take my colon down from inside my diaphragm. They also removed alot of adhesions.

This has mostly helped my pain and the weird spells. They say I will always have problems but hopefully far less than before. it has also helped my anxiety and OCDS. i am much calmer now but I still have my moments.

I am hopeful now everything will go smoothly from now.

One thought on “Lock down and catch up.

  1. Glad to hear you’re doing ok after a very trying time. You don’t let your hardships keep you down for long and your bright spirit has always inspired me. God bless you ❤️


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