Goldcoast holiday weekend

On the June long weekend I went to the golcoast to escape the cold weather.

On the Saturday I went to Seaworld. It was fun it has seals dolphins rides and more. I went on the vortex wich spins you upside down forward and backward. The sensation felt like i was going to fall tight out even though I was strapped in the seat. I also was very shakey and had a sore tummy.

Sunday I went to movie world. It was fun i went on a ride where you go up and down. This was better than the vortex.

Monday I went on a train to Brisbane and explored around the river. It was lovely there. I also caught the light rail into surfers paradise and wandered around.

Tuesday I came home. I had a lovely time I love to get away sometimes and see different places. COVID is still around but it is good to be able to get away when we can. I believe there will always be outbreaks but if we are are careful hopefully things will stay under control.

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