Using certain language around disabled people

Quite often in my CHARGE group and in different posts on Facebook and Instagram about the use of different words a lot of people do not like to use certain terms when referring to people with a disability. As a person with CHARGE I feel it is good to think about.

I and many others don’t like the term special needs but lots use it. I prefer to refer to my self as having a physical disability or a complex syndrome. I don’t mind others using that term in reference to a special school or a specific title.

Lots of people also hate when people refer to their kids as bad in my CHARGE group and I get why but we also need to remember that for some people English is not their first language plus translate can sometimes get things wrong.

One of the words I really hate is the R word. I m ok with it in describing a description that is in the medical world like the r in CHARGE is retardation of growth development. When it is used to degrade someone I hate it alot. I also don’t like when people add tard to the end of a word.

A lot of people refer to person first language meaning using words that make the person included not excluded. I think it is good to always use this because you never know how people will feel or act so it is best to act as if everyone understands you.

I feel people deserve respect no matter what.

One thought on “Using certain language around disabled people

  1. Thank you for sharing! I also feel funny about the phrase special needs, but I sometimes use it when I do not know what else to use. I am becoming more comfortable with the term disability. I think society has given us the wrong impression of that term which is why I feel so strongly about advocating for change. I also HATE the R!!


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