COVID vaccine my thoughts

Next week Australia will start rolling out the CoVID19 Vaccine which is coming from the UK and the USA.

The roll out will be slow but I am happy we are getting it at last. First priority will be the elderly, disabled and essential workers.

I believe this will greatly help but it won’t fully get rid of it. I think COVID-19 will always be here especially as there are people who can’t have the vaccine for different reasons such as medical and also religous and other beliefs.

I think I will get it but with careful thought from both my gastro team and my GP as i have a tendency to not asorb meds and things properly. Because of this I can have some weird side effects. Also some live vaccines that can give a little of the virus could effect my gut and also my immune system can be sensitive with my gut because of reflux.

I do know though that my specialists will work out the best plan for me. I hope in time we can all return to some form of normality and not have to worry so much about it.

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