Managing chronic pain

I believe we have finally got to a point where my stomach pains are bearable. it might not always be this way but for now it is.

I am doing well enough to be able to cancel one of my Drs for a while. Things that are working are regular laxative meds and cranial massage. Cranial osteopathy or massage works on the cranial nerves and helps them to work better. My vagas nerve doesn’t work well neither do the nerves between the gut and brain so I require lots of work to keep things working. Sometimes this doesn’t help and the systems just stop anyway. No one knows why this happens but they think its to do with low motility.

Sometimes I find doing things to distract myself from my pain helps too. I think of good things coming up and look forward to them. Examples are respite, seeing friends,a special event or outing or even something simple like swimming. These are things I enjoy and can’t do if I end up in hospital with pain. I think to myself if i want to enjoy these things I need to do these things to keep my self out of there. Things I need to stop are eating and worrying too much. I also need to try stay cool and hydrated on hot days.

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