Travel during COVID

One thing I miss not doing during Covid is having a holiday. This year I should be going to the USA for my CHARGE Conference. Insteqd it is now online.

Ir is also hard to travel within Australia because border restrictions can change instantly. This leaves NSW.

For these reasons I am hoping to take a driving holiday to the area my dad grew up in to see some extended family and also an old friend that i met in hospital many years ago.

I also want to explore the area as I have not been there since I was about 7. I want to be able to see more of the state I live in.

To go I either need a support worker or one of my cousins that can drive. I also need a car that will fit my wheelchair. I also need a place to stay, a good hospital in case my tummy plays up. This kind of holiday will be easier than an international or interstate holiday because no plane fairs required also I will be around people I know that can come help out if needed.

The hard part will be which way to go using NDIS support workers or family. Family could be better as they know me but I do like a break from them.

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