Qualities for a good support worker carer

I know I have written about what makes a great service provider, but even though the provider might be excellent it doesn’t mean the workers are. The majority where I go are the best hut I have had some bad ones. So here is what makes me feel comfy with someone.

First any worker needs to understand disabilities but not just disabilities. They need to realise that though there are things we may be limited in a lot of us have other ways of doing things. Some might be non verbal but they will still understand. When talking they need to try to remember to talk in a way that is appropriate to the age they are working with. It is good to treat each person as the age they are not put them down by speaking as if we are babies.

A good worker needs to actually want to be there and not make people feel bad for needing help. I have had workers who seem to just be there for the money and would rather talk on the phone than work. I had a worker once who even though I said I wanted to go to the park, drove the van to her friends house I was ok if her friend were to meet us at the park but I don’t think I should have to change my outing to suit them unless there is a good reason.

A good worker also needs to respect the rights and wishes of their clients. I have seen staff gossip about other clients even in front of them. No client or worker is better than another we are all equal.

A good worker doesn’t have to share all the same interests but they should share some of them, and at least be willing to work with the individual unless of course there is a safety issue that means they can’t.

Workers also need to respect dignity. In some cases it may be hard to do so but when they can they should.

Even if someone doesn’t appear to understand treat them as if they do because some disabilities mean they have different ways of expressing themselves.

Always keep an open mind and be willing to learn. I love my workers and they are still learning even thought some of them have been around many years.

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