NDIS round 4

Time flys when your having fun they say. Last week I had my 4th NDIS meeting. Those who say it gets better each year are right.

This year was different in that it wasn’t in person. My support coordinator organised a Microsoft team meeting wich didn’t work well. I couldn’t hear them and they couldn’t see me or mum so we had a Telle conference. We all used out phones. I found this worked much better.

We had a lovely planner that was able to go through everything and explained everything well. We found out my employment section is now in my core supports rather than its own section.

I also mentioned I wanted a holiday within NSW so we added that in as well as keeping the behaviour management plan and Auslan course.

I am happy we got a ramp approved for the front door and a hand rail for the walkway. The bathroom is also being approved.

I also got money to fix my wheelchair as the seating isn’t right.

I was very happy and surprised to see everything was approved the same day. And am looking forward to another great year. We can’t predict COVID 19 and the future but I know my service providers mum and my support coordinator will work hard to ensure everything goes smoothly for me. We also can’t predict my gut and health but for now I am stable and am doing all I can to stay that way.

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