Staying positive in hard times

We all know this year is a very unusual year. There is a pandemic that is putting people on edge. Holidays are canceled and we are restricted in where we can go.

One thing I have found is that the more I worry the more likely my tummy will play up. so I am trying to relax more.

We all need to remember we can’t control everything but we can control how we react to certain situations. For me this is hard as I have anxiety and OCD but I do try hard.

One thing I find that helps is the calm app on the phone. It has different meditations that help to relax and calm the mind. Another thing is turning off from what ever might be upsetting and focus on something else.

It is always good to try to be positive but we also have to realise that it isn’t always possible because no one is perfect and we are all human.

My friends and family are good at helping me to be a better person but it is a long slow process and I think I will always work on it.

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