My gut and bowels stopped working again earlier this month. They have now involved the neurology team. A lot of people with charge have Neuro issues including me.

Neurological type problems don’t just involve the brain but the nerves all over so for me they are starting to believe that this plays a part in my problems.

They tried nausea meds which gave me terrible seizure like activity that required tests. The tests came back normal but when I was little I did have them.

Some people need meds to help control neurological problems but I am lucky i just need my meds for reflux and anxiety.

For me there are no obvious neurological answers to my tummy but they think there is some kind of nerve involvement that no one can see and this could be why things slow down and stop working. Many people with Charge are the same as me.

Sometimes they can remove parts but they cant remove everything so they find other ways around it.

Some things that have worked for me are cranial therapies like oestepathy kinesiology and also massage to loosen everything up. i find if I miss a few treatments everything doesn’t work as well.

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