A day to remember

Every year on the 21st of September the CHARGE syndrome foundation hosts a day to remember. This is international day of kindness. On this day we remember those gone to soon and it is an opportunity to something nice for someone.

2020 is an extra special year because in the time of the COVID pandemic many have worked very hard to keep everyone safe. So I want to acknowledge some of these people who have helped me this year.

First there is my wonderful family and friends who love me unconditionally and put up with me in my worst times.

Next there are my amazing carers and support workers at home and at Life skills and respite. These lovely people support me to be a better person and have helped me have a life during a lockdown. Northcott gave me the opportunity to see my friends online and do something nice. My personal carers take me out and help me at home.

I also am very thankful to my Drs and nurses and all the staff at hospital wheather its a radiologist or the wonderful people at the entrance,cleaners porters and the rest they are truely amazing.

In this time it is good to tell people you appreciate them. You never know how much better they will feel. I love all the people in my life and don’t tell them enough how i feel.

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