A few weeks ago my drs started changing my medicine to hopefully improve my pain as well as my OCD and anxiety. During this time I had to be weened off the old medicine and onto the new one. I have been finding it hard to cope with my increasing anxiety and OCDS.

It can be hard to control but relising the problem is a good start. To cope I try to focus on other things and take my mind off what ever i might be anxious about. The calm app on my phone has a series of meditation and relaxation excersises I can listen to for a few minutes at a time which really helps. I also try to reduce screen time and do things like reading or sit in the sun.

For me OCD can be many things such as fixating on a person or object and wanting to know where it has gone, why it went there and what are they doing? If someone isn’t talking to me such as mum I will obsess about all the reasons she might not answer. I also chew my self, pick or pop my pimples or marks excessively and want people’s attention.

This is all a part of CHARGE syndrome. When I am in a bad phrase I get frustrated with my self and wish I wasn’t this way. Having these problems is hard for me and those around me and I often wonder how people put up with me. I also then focus on the good and positive things and work hard to be a better person

I have been good before and i know I can do it again. I just need to work hard and remember no one is perfect and it takes time

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