Tummy update

A few weeks ago I was referred to a surgeon who specialises in the stomachache and oesophageal tract. He ordered a barium study which looks at the stomachache . It showed lots of reflux

Last week I had an endoscopy which was interesting as we are coming to the end of the COVID lockdown but still being careful. The hospital told us that it could be a very long wait and I may be admitted from the pre-op ward to another ward.

I was second on the list. The theatre area was so quiet, it was a bit scary. They found I have a long narrow stomach and it is very small. The tube is below the duodenum not above it. So my food has to go up to go the right way. This takes a long time and could be what is causing pain and reflux.

When I was little they removed two thirds of the stomach and made a track for the tube to feed through into the jejunal track. My doctor is thinking of trying this again. He is also referring me to the pain team. I last saw this doctor about 20 years ago. Not only is he the pain doctor but is one of the best anaesthesiologists there is.

I hope between them they can come with a good plan to help me.

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