My idea of a perfect world

I think we all have an idea of a perfect world. Here is mine. It may never happen but we can dream.

In a perfect world I would like to see peace, No hate, No harm to anyone. Just love and kindness to everyone around, especially those that are different from others.

I want to see acceptance. No one will be excluded, All will be included. There will be time for family and friends, No rushing or grabbing everybody will share.

More places to relax and enjoy flowers and trees and the water. More accessible places to interact with others.

I would also like to see planes allow you to travel in your chair if needed, self driving for deaf blind people, all busses and trains fully accessible. I want all streets to have ramps at the crossings.

I want everyone to be able to access and use every thing no matter what.

I know some of these will happen but basically I want people to think of others and try to be the best they can. we will all have our bad days. I know I do, but if we try to be the best we can we will be better for it.

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