Life after quarantine

Most people have been self isolating since late March because of COVID 19. We are very lucky here in Australia we have managed to stop the spread, but many countries around the world haven’t.

During this time I have been doing a lot of reading and chatting with friends on Facebook. I have also been doing lifeskills online via Skype. In the morning I would do excersises and in the afternoon I did other things like drama and glee. There were 4 or 5 other clients that joined in plus the people who were still going. There were two staff and one would run the programme while the other one would make sure the video was running well.

I enjoyed this because I was able to see my friends and do the same things they were doing. I would be in my computer room, sometimes the dining room and my bedroom. Me and mum would close our doors as she was working from home and her clients wouldn’t hear us or us them.

During this time I also went on walks with mum around the block or to our local park. It is good to keep up my strength and keep my tummy moving.

I also ended up in hospital with my tummy pain again and had a test. The hospital was very good and organised. They have people separate and there is screening as you come in the door. I also saw a new doctor who is screening me for a hernia and will follow up tomorrow.

I am hopeful that with the measures in place we will not need to isolate again, but I am happy knowing there are supports in place if we do. I believe opening back up needs to be slow so we don’t end up with more cases coming into winter. I am very grateful though to all the essential workers out there who work hard to keep us safe. By doing our bit we are helping them and us as well.

We all want to get back to normal but we need to be patient and follow rules. Always try to stay socially distanced and do our bit because if we don’t it will take longer.

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