The last decade

We are now in to 2020 and people are thinking of highlights. In my efforts to stay positive this year and not take everything so personally I want to think back on my good times. 2010 I started to plan for my first ever US charge syndrome conference. Also I went to the Australian one in Perth.

2011 my cpp programme house got a big renovation which made it bigger and easier for everyone to use. I also had my first trip overseas with out mum and went to Orlando for the international CHARGE conference.

2012 I went to the CHARGE conference in Sydney and I had fun with friends.

2013 I went to Arizona for another CHARGE conference and traveled around the USA.

2014 I went to New Zealand for another CHARGE conference.

2015 I started thinking about the NDIS and attending workshops to prepare for it. I also went on the Northcott ski trip and had fun.

2016 I went to the Gold coast for CHARGE conference and spoke on the adult panel.

2017 I planned for my NDIS and went on it.

2018 I started respite at Northcott Roselands and left my old respite. I also went to Melbourne for the CHARGE conference.

Last year s highlight was definitely Dallas and Hawaii.

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