CHARGE and the R and G

In CHARGE the R and G go together because the R stands for restriction of growth and development and the G is for genital abnormalities.

I am only 144 centimetres tall and a good weight for my size. I had hormone replacement therapy when i was in my teens and in my 20s. This has helped but I have had a some very heavy bleeding problems due to my tummy not absorbing properly.

I also had infusions for my osteoporosis which helped and I no longer have problems there. My reproductive organs are small but it is ok.

Developmentally I needed lots of therapy as a baby to keep me up with people my age. Most people with CHARGE need this. I had early intervention, occupational therapy, speech and physio. Nowadays I’m doing great though I do have problems with keeping a budget and with grammar.

People like me can also be socially delayed and I am no exception. I tend to say things without thinking. I also sometimes want to hug my friends or family too much and be with them all the time.

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