CHARGE vision and hearing

1I am classified as deafblind. I have both a sensorineural and conductive hearing loss wich means if I dont wear hearing aids I am almost totally deaf. My semi circular canals the part that helps you balance are missing. My vestibular system is also out of whack.

I have bilateral optic nerve colabomas, One eye is slightly smaller than the other. I have a mild cataract and could one day get glaucoma if not careful. I need things to be close up to read. This means at lifeskills you will often see me leaning on a tray to read a communication board. I sometimes lean over on things to keep my self secure when concentrating. I touch things so I know where they are. Even though I can see where things are I need to feel around me to make sure i wont fall over.Also I need people to speak louder around me.

In CHARGE it is common to have these features and often we have to adapt different ways to do things. I often lean heavily on things and squeeze someone or something tight. This helps me to stay balanced.

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