School life

i had a good educatio but it was set back with loads of drs and hospital stays.

For primary school I was in a special needs school with people with physical disabilities which later became a mixed disability’s school. This was a wonderful place. Each class had 7 students one teacher and aide. We had structured classes where we were taught at our level. My teacher was a wonderful lady who looked after me well. There was a pool where we all swam and we had physics and an OT. In time the work got to easy and they and mum felt I could be challenged. The school also closed and moved further away.

with help from my primary school teacher mum felt that while I was good I still needed support so they decided that a support unitin a mainstream setting was perfect for high school. I did some classes in the unit and some in the mainstream. A teacher or aide always went with me to main school classes. They would help me with copying board work, staying focused and any physical things I needed. I also had a teacher for the vision and deaf teacher come and help. My hearing teacher would also work on other skills like catching up on missed work, doing listening excersisesshe also tested my aids and would tell mum if she was concerned. She also would go and pick up work and bring it to me when I was in the hospital. My vision teacher was the same but she would organise special paper with dark lines for writing.

In the support unit I did life skills type things as well as regular classes. There were three classes but as I was going to to year 11 the school changed to only year 7 to 10 so I had to move with everyone else. I was lucky some of my teachers and aides came to.

I found the new school hard at first because when I got there the unit was still being built and the school had stairs everywhere. I ended up getting used to it and enjoying my time there. Doing my HSC I was given extra time and room for breaks.

I am fortunate I had a good life

One thought on “School life

  1. Wow, Ellen. School was a huge accomplishment for you and I’m so glad you had the same opportunities as other students. You are a very smart woman and I am really loving reading about your life.


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