Getting around

I use a wheelchair for long distance and a walker other times. I can walk by my self but have poor balance. Sometimes i find getting around in certain areas hard because some people dont look where they are going.

For me large crowds are the most difficult because of my vision and hearing. I find it difficult to locate sounds in a crowd and it can be hard to tell what direction people are going. I like people to help me by paying attention to their surroundings as they can.

Mobile phones distract people and this makes it harder as I cant ask someone to move when they are talking on the phone. I also find when they are on the phone they wont look where they are going. This means I run them over.

I love that public transport is now so accessible it is really helpful and easy to get around compared to when I was little . I find the guards are helpful and friendly.

I think its great so many places are improving disability access as it has helped me a lot. I hope to see more improvements in the future.

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