Social media

Often we hear about the impact that social media has on society. For people with disabilities it can be only way to communicate with friends and family.

I first got Facebook in 2007. At the time I was still using my space and msn messenger. As time went on technology change and I used Facebook more and more.

To me having my Facebook means I can keep up with friends and family around the world. I find I use my messenger way more than email back befor all this came I was on a Yahoo group through my email for my syndrome. Wed email back and forwards about anything and everything. If one wanted to share a photo they would email private or through MSN. Some of my CHARGE families had blogs and they would link to others and you would just click to read. When Facebook came this all stopped. Now you ßcan access all your friends photos and join groups for anything and everything.

Instagram is also amazing. At first I got it and was like ok now what now I look several times a day. I think of it as a photo gallery. On this gallery you share everythsing about life. There are hashtags you can use to gain more followers. People can hashtag a disability or illness then you click and see all posts relating to that topic. Some follow from there and make great friends.

I have many friends on both Facebook and instagram.

No matter what there are great benefits to social media and I love it.

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