I think I am a friendly person. Often people like me have trouble making friends. With me it can be hard or easy. Most of my life as a kid, I was around people older than me, like my family and medical professionals. This resulted in me being more drawn to adults. I am still friends on Facebook with my old nurses, who became like a second family.

I had some good friends in primary school that I still talk to. I went to a school for mixed disabilities. In high school I would try to make friends with people who weren’t disabled, but often people wouldn’t want to talk. My poor hearing didn’t help. Nowadays my friends are a mixture of people with disabilities and people without.

I find it hard to catch up with people, because most live far away and lead busy lives. I find Facebook great for keeping in contact. I have friends all over the world. I play games on Facebook and have made friends through there and through my CHARGE groups.

I love all my friends and it is good having great people. My OCD can sometimes push people away and this upsets me, but the good ones always stay.

One thought on “Friends

  1. I am enjoying your blog posts, Ellen. You are indeed a friendly person and I have always enjoyed you just being you. You’re funny and bring happiness wherever you show up. I’m glad we’re still friends even if we don’t play the same games ❤


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