What it’s like being disabled

Some people have a hard time with being different. I think it’s natural, we are all human.

For me I do find it hard at times. I see all my friends eating and I’d love to eat, but it makes me sick. When I am feeling this way I try to remember the things I can do.

I can read, I can write, I can have intelligent chats with people.

I am mostly a positive person, but I tend to worry too much about what people think of me and obsess on it. This pushes people away. I know it can happen to lots of people, I think because everyone wants to be perfect and we aren’t.

I have always been overly sensitive and family members health issues hasn’t helped. I have to do something to avoid the things that trigger my OCD, usually by doing something different. For example if I’ve been on my computer to long, I’ll go and read.

One thought on “What it’s like being disabled

  1. Ellen!! You are BEAUTIFUL!!! I’d met you just in a few occasions when Beatriz use to be your carer and in that moments that l shared with you I’d seen only a wonderful human being and l learnt a lot from you, you’re such a special person and l always remember you with much love❤😍😘❤


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