Travelling over seas

Once again I am preparing to go to the CHARGE syndrome conference in America. It gets me thinking about how it can be more complex for someone like me to travel than normal people. Not only do I need flights and accommodation, I also need to make sure the place I am going is accessible.

The CHARGE conferences make accommodation easy; you can stay at the conference venue with a special fixed rate. Usually the venue is in the suburbs of a fairly populated city and families spend time before or after exploring the area.

I did this in the USA twice and it was a great experience. I have also been to Fiji, Hawaii and New Zealand.

I have also been around Australia many times. I love seeing new places and people. As always, when going anywhere you need to know where you want to go. Then can

you work out everything else.

Some countries have rules about what you can and can’t bring in and out so I always get a Doctors letter for my medication. If you can, sometimes it’s a good idea to get large items shipped ahead. We used to send my formula to my aunty in New Zealand, so we didn’t have to worry about how to pack it.

We also always take extra hand luggage; you never know what will happen.

For my next trip, I am going to be at the confrence hotel. I am taking one of my support worker from my Lifeskills program. We will get to look around Dallas, see the sights, as well as attend the conference.

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