Neruofeedback and its benifits

I have for the past few months been doing neurofeedback therapy to help with my OCDS and anxietys. It is really helping me Now i have such a better outlook on life. I can now relise that tho yes someone did block me on facebook I do have loads of others that love and care for me. Neurofeedback is amazing. It is done by an amazing lady called Dana aLL SHE DOES IS PUT A net on my head wich has eeg electrodes much better than the eegs of my younger days that yucky gooey stuff with those cords all over you. This net goes on my head with two little things she puts on my ear lobes this takes a little fiddling as i have quite small lobes. I then watch a lovely series of patterns like a kaledascope on her computer screen she has a cushion behind my back that vibrates when there is sound and it really works on me. It has sure taken a while but I am much better than I was a year ago. in other things I am also doing an AUSLAN course to learn to sign have a great week everyone.

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